Everyone wears a hair tie, so these should be easy to sell!!

- These are not your typical hair ties, the are bracelets that double as hair ties... so every piece has the added value that it can be worn as both a bracelet and a hair tie

- Point out Value for their money.... Sell it as a bracelets with the added bonus that it can go in your hair... it is an accessory, a piece of jewelry

- Have the staff wear the pieces... try the product out, wear it... this will allow them to to talk about the quality and the functionality of the product

- Use our slogan, REBEL AGINST THE BLACK ELASTIC, to sell the pieces..... everyone agrees these look much cuter than the average elastics they wear around their wrist

- Use our signage, we provide for you... a picture is worth 1000 words!

- Have fun with these!! That is the ideal!!


We are here to answer any questions you have!! So feel free to reach out!